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mothercare soother steriliser pod

Product code : PG976 

Was: ฿290.00
Now: ฿203.00


At a glance
the mothercare soother steriliser pod is lightweight and compact, perfect for busy parents who want to keep their baby's soothers clean and safe with minimal fuss
Features and benefits
• sterilises in just 90 seconds
• holds up to 2 soothers and teat covers
• compact design fits neatly into your changing bag
• 2 compartments keep clean and dirty soothers separate
• BPA free
• dishwasher safe
Fabric Composition : pp, pbe
Care Instructions : Before sterilising thoroughly wash all items in mild soapy water and rinse.Using a suitable measure pour 15ml of water into one compartment, place the soother and teat inside the same compartment, making sure they are not attached. Close the case and microwave on full power for 90 seconds. Suitable for use with all microwaves of 750W and above. Allow to cool for 3 minutes before removing from the microwave.Do not use chemically softened water in the product.After each use, pour away any remaining water and wipe dry using a non - abrasive cloth.Always use on a flat heat resistant surface.Wash your hands before handling sterilised items.Do not sterilise metallic items.Add the right amount of water. Too little water means that the items may not be properly sterilised, too much water will prolong the cycle time.
Safety Warning : see leaflet
Brand : Mothercare
Weight : 0.042 kg
Colour : White
Product Information
Our microwave steriliser pod is perfect for keeping soothers hygienic when out and about, then easily cleaning when you get home. It features two compartments, so you can keep clean and dirty soothers separate, meaning youll always have a clean one to hand when your baby needs it. All contents are sterilised within a mere 90 seconds, depending on the wattage of your microwave, perfect for busy parents. You'll find the steriliser is the ideal travel companion on overnight stays or holidays thanks to its compact, lightweight design that is also BPA-free for your baby's safety.
product information