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mothercare Adjustable Wrist Link - Grey/Teal

Product code : GC587 

Was: ฿290.00
Now: ฿232.00


At a glance
our mothercare adjustable wrist link is ideal for when your little one has outgrown a harness but still needs close supervision
Features and benefits
• adjustable wrist loops are designed to suit both the adult and child comfortably
• allows your child to walk freely but helps to prevent them from wandering too far
• suitable from 6 months - 4 years when your child can walk confidently
• rein length: 44cm-70cm
Brand : Mothercare
Colour : Grey
Product Information
Enjoy confidence and peace of mind on your adventures in even the most crowded places with our mothercare adjustable wrist link. Easy to wear, it is designed to offer maximum comfort to both adult and child with adjustable wrist loops.The mothercare adjustable wrist link allows your child to walk freely but helps to keep them from wandering too far and is suitable from children from 6 months - 4 years.
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