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Mothercare Newborn Gift Set A

Product code : MCSET-A 

Was: ฿2,071.00
Now: ฿1,500.00


This welcome baby gift basket has everything that new Mommy & Daddy needs as they anticipate baby's arrival.
Product Description :
- Baby gift set design in basket classic style.
- Clothes made from fabric 100% cotton, 100% natural cotton is kind to baby's skin.
- Consisting the best seller and popular products suitable for newborn.
- Suitable for newborn – 6 months.
- The product can be used for baby boys and girls (unisex).
- Quantity popular products : 10 pieces
- Product size 35x25x5 cm.
- Product weight 1.1 kg.

Product Details :
product information
  • M Dolly White Muslin 2PK
  • White Sleepsuit 1 piece
  • My first Short Sleeve Wrap Vest 1 piece
  • My first white interlock hat 1 piece
  • Mummy & Daddy Animal Bib 1 piece
  • Mothercare extra large cotton wool balls - 60 pieces/pack
  • Mothercare safety cotton buds - 60 pieces/pack
  • Mothercare finger toothbrush 1 piece
  • Mothercare ergonomics nail clippers 1 piece
  • Basket 35x25x5 cm. 1 piece